• Meet your web instructor team. Details (and contact information) are on the left panel. In case you would like to know a little about our group, here is a short bio for each. Then, scroll down to find your individual classes.

    Mark DuBois established the ICC Web curriculum in 1999. ICC is recognized as having the first accredited AAS degree in web systems in the world. Mark also created the first accredited certificate in Rich Internet Application development. ICC has been recognized as a Web Professional Academy since 2006. If you are curious what characterizes a web professional, there is a blog post. Mark has been coding HTML since 1992 (fewer than 500 people in the world can say that). He serves as the Director of Education for WebProfessionals.org, is an Adobe Education Leader, a co-chair of the Education Task Force of the Web Standards Project and a member of various W3C committees (such as HTML5 and WebEd). Mark supervises the Illinois Web Design Contest every April (held in Springfield) and the national Web Design Contest every June (held in Kansas City). Students are encouraged to participate in the Illinois contest. Details can be found at WebDesignContest.org. Mark has been the user group manager for the Central Illinois Adobe User Group since its inception. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.. If you are in the vicinity of East Peoria, you are encouraged to participate. Mark also spends a fair amount of time speaking on various web centric topics. If you are curious, visit his page at Lanyrd. Note that this page does not include a number of webinars he has given on HTML5 and CSS-3 over the past year. Contact Mark at mdubois@icc.edu or Twitter @Mark_DuBois.

    Shari Tripp has been teaching in the web program at ICC since 2000, and occasionally teaches classes in other areas, such as networking. She has experience in web administration, network administration, IT management, business telephone system installation, and other technology related areas. In addition to working in the IT field, she also has her MBA from Illinois State University. Shari is a judge for the national Web Design Contest every June (held in Kansas City), and an advisor for the local Illinois World Organization of Webmasters/Adobe Users Group. She may be reached at 309-241-8443 (text or voice), or via email at teach@sstripp.com or stripp@icc.edu .

    Brandy Thatcher completed her associates in web systems in 2008. Brandy has served Illinois Central College for over ten years as the Instructional Media Developer in the Teaching & Learning Center. She has a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Bradley University and began her career as a graphic designer at Dynamic Graphics. Brandy has served as a judge at both the national and state Skills USA Web Design competitions. She competed on the team that won Gold in the 2004 National Skills USA Web Design competition. She is a member of the World Organization of Webmasters/Adobe Users Group. You can contact Brandy at bthatcher@icc.edu, by phone at 694-5306 or through twitter at @bthat.

    Corey Burns completed his Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia from Bradley University in 2006. He has experience in video, animation and the web from small sites to large social media sites. He currently works at ICC full time as a web applications programmer and is a member of the World Organization of Webmasters/Adobe Users Group. You can reach him at (309) 694.5597 or by email at corey.burns@icc.edu

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Below is the contact information for your instructor(s) if you are taking a CMWEB or CMNET250 course at ICC:  Mark DuBois, Shari Tripp, Brandy Thatcher, and Corey Burns.

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Shari Tripp

Cell Phone: (309)241-8443 (feel free to text me as well)
e-mail: stripp@icc.edu
Office: 334C, East Peoria Campus

Feel free to contact me even outside of office hours. I answer e-mail Monday through Friday, and sometimes on weekends. If you have a question on a weekend, please call or text me. I don't mind phone calls any day of the week from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. If I don't answer please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible; I may be teaching or in a meeting.

Feel free to text message me (I'm on the Verizon network, but I don't mind if you are on another network). To text me from the Verizon webpage, go here: http://text.vzw.com (be sure to tell me your name and contact info when you text).

Online Office Hours mean that I should be available when you call/text/email during that time, or will get back to you quickly (in the event that I am already helping someone else).   I am also available by appointment. I hope you enjoy your course!

Mon  ONLINE 7:00 pm-8:00 pm
Tues By appointment
Wed By appointment
Thurs By appointment
Fri By appointment
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Mark DuBois

Mark DuBois photo

Office Phone: (309) 694-8432
e-mail: mdubois@icc.edu
Twitter: @Mark_DuBois
Office: 334C, East Peoria Campu

Feel free to contact me. I answer e-mail Monday through Friday, and sometimes on weekends. I don't spend a lot of time in my office so I recommend email as the best method of contacting me.  Please include your class number in the subject line. You can also contact me on Twitter. If you do call and I don't answer please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible; I may be teaching or in a meeting. 

I am not on campus this summer but will return in the fall.

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